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Taking Care of Business — and Properties

Coury Properties provides professional property management services from its staff of experienced property managers and its in-house accounting staff. Our managers and officers are experts in caring for facilities by the coordination of various building services and maintenance functions as well as enhancing the financial performance of the particular property. Management staff interfaces with owners and leasing professionals to optimize building performance and assure a successful investment.

Preparation of budgets, long-range planning and disposition of assets are other services we can provide. We report monthly to owners with detailed accounting summaries prepared in-house by our accounting staff. Through our consistent and cur rent reporting, building owners are assured of the performance of their investment.

We also have the expertise to develop, redevelop, supervise remodeling as well as manage construction projects. Years of construction experience have allowed us to take on traditional projects and more diverse ones.

At Coury Properties, we continue to strive for excellence as the solid management company you know us to be, while having the talents and creativity to accommodate new ventures and needs in property management.